The European Life Science
Research Infrastructures

Life science research that addresses the grand challenges of health and ageing spans a broad range of scientific disciplines and user communities. The European Life Science Research Infrastructures (LS RIs) play a central, facilitating role in this ground-breaking research by offering access to their resources to researchers from academia and industry.

The LS RIs are pan-European organisations, with multiple institutes located in different European countries (i.e. distributed RIs). Each LS RI consists of a hub and national nodes. The hub is the coordinating unit of the RI where the core management team is based. Each country being part of the RI has one or more national node(s), i.e. a facility like a research institute. These nodes are the service providers as the offered technologies and expertise are based there.

RIs offer access to their facilities, technologies and expertise to researchers from academia and industry. These services can simply be consultation, access to experts, but also access to data or biological/chemical samples, animal models, use of data analysis tools, access to facilities (e.g. highly specialised microscopes, molecular screening centres) plus support from technicians and much more.

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What can the LS RIs do for you? Watch our Video!

The second in our 4-part animation series, this video introduces each of the 13 Life Science Research Infrastructures (LS RIs) and what they offer the research community.

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