BBMRI AAI to LS AAI Migration News

Information regarding BBMRI AAI migration to LS AAI


Actual information

  • migration ongoing
  • 2pm CEST: Registration and User profile is already functional
  • 4pm CEST: Migration finished, all functionality working. Some users could not be migrated due to technical reasons, they are contacted separately with instructions.

General Information

  • Date of the migration event: 9.5.2023, 

    start of migration 9:00 CEST
  • On the day of migration several outages might appear during the activity and registration will not be available the whole day. Detailed information of migration status will be updated here on the day of migration.
  • Policies for end users and relying parties are published and you can find them under relevant sections Users and Service Providers on the main page: Life Science Login - > User stories


How tos for Users

Q: How can I login for the first time to the service after migration?

A: You can login to the service as you always do (eg. click on the login logo on the service). There will be a special process step when you log in for the first time after migration: you will be asked to accept the LS login Acceptable Use Policy  You will also be asked to review all previous consents to transfer your personal data to the services you used through the BBMRI AAI. 

FAQ for Relying Parties

Q: What I as a Relying Party (service) need to do before the production date?

A: There is no need to do anything before the production date. But after migration there will be action needed, please check the next FAQ point.


Q: What I as a Relying Party (service) need to do after the production date?

A: You should put logo on your web via which the user can log in to the service. For this please use the logo "LS Login". In case you prefer using the text instead of login, please highlight that it is login via LS Login. You can find logo in LS Login and Register button.


Q: What is the plan for migrating my service to the LS Login?

A: Services will be updated one by one, we will contact you separately, timing depends on the functionality your service is using and its support in LS Login. Please wait for us to contact you with detailed instructions.


Q: Does my service still work with all the features even after migration of users?

A: Yes.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654248 and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement number 824087.