How to get Life Science ID

LS Login is a service that provides authentication and authorization for other services within Life Science. As an end-user, you have a single login for using the connected services. LS Login lets you authenticate using your existing accounts at third parties (your home university, research institute or a commercial service) and link it to your LS ID. You can also activate LS account with password. As a result, no matter which linked account you use for login, you will be recognized as the same person at the end service. You don’t need to have separate credentials for each service.


How to get LS ID

  1. Open the link or click on button "LS Register" below
  2. Choose your home organization, or if you cannot find it on the list, pick one of the supported commercial/community services  (e.g. Google, ORCID) and Log in with the selected account using your personal credentials. If you can’t find a suitable home organisation or other service, you can set password for your LS account and use it as a way for login (see How to get LS ID in case you can not find suitable home organization below).
  3. Fill in the registration form. Review and accept usage policy and click on „Submit“.
  4. You will receive an email with a verification link. Click the link in the email to verify your email address.
  5. You have successfully registered an LS ID. Now you can start using it for accessing services.


How to get LS ID in case you can not find suitable home organization or commercial service

  1. Open the link and fill in the registration form for creating the LS account with password and confirm AUP. 
  2. You will receive an email with a verification link. Click the link in the email to verify your email address.
  3. You have successfully registered an LS account. Now you can start using it for accessing services.

How to log in to the service using your LS ID

  1. Visit the website of the service you want to log into. Look for the LS Login button there. If the service requires a specific registration process and you have not already completed it, look for the LS Register button and perform the registration.
  2. Once you click the login button, you will be asked to choose one of the accounts linked to your LS ID (home organization, commercial or community service or LS account).
  3. Log in with your personal credentials.
  4. If you are accessing the service for the first time, you will see a page informing you about the personal data being released to the service. Review it and if you agree with data being sent to the service, accept the transfer.
  5. You are now successfully logged in to the service.
  6. Some services require that you are a member of a particular LS community or group. To get access to such services, you will see a registration link or a contact to request access.


In case you already have an LS ID (you are registered to LS Login by your Home Organization or other third party) you can activate also your LS account via User profile page:

  1. Log in to your User Profile page
  2. Select Change Password and set up your password.
  3. Like this you can log in to a service with either your local or your Home Organization, Google,.. account, and the service will recognise you as the same person. 


My home organization is not listed. How can I register for the LS ID?

You can check if your home organization can be added. On screen "Choose your Identity Provider" there is "Search the extended list of Identity Providers" checkbox. Click it and try to locate your home organisation in the list. Select it and log in at your home organisation authentication service. If successful, your home organization is addedd to the list.
Alternatively, you can register using a commercial (eg. Google) or community (eg. ORCID) account or log in via LS username (refer to How to get LS ID in case you can not find suitable home organization).

I have multiple external accounts (e.g both a Home Organisation account and a commercial account) - can I link them all to my LS ID?

You can, if your account provider integrates with LS Login. Browse to "Identities" in your LS Login Profile page, click the green "Add" button in the "Federated identity" section. You will be taken to an account linking service. Follow the instructions the service will display to you.

I have registered multiple LS IDs. Can you merge them?

It is possible but potentially confusing to have several LS IDs. Therefore we encourage you to merge them. Contact us at, and we will guide you through the process.

After registering for LS ID, when I try to log in, I end up on a registration form.

Unfortunately, some home organisations do not release a persistent identifier for their users. As a result, next time you log in, LS Login does not recognize you as a returning user and offers you to register a new LS ID. Try to register with a different institution or commercial service or activate your LS account with password (more info in How to get LS ID in case you can not find suitable home organization)

How should I proceed if I have a problem logging in using my home organisation credentials?

If you have problem to log in because of Identity Provider (eg. forgotten password, forgotten login, or any issue directly on your Home organization log in page) please contact your Home Organization support.


If other issue why you can not log in (even that you are registered to LS Login already), contact us on

What data does LS Login keep about me?

You can view the details of your LS ID at User profile page. Find out more about the LS Login privacy Notice here.

How can I access my User Profile and what can I do there?

You can access to your User Profile by log in to LS Login. In your user profile you can change your preferred email, (un)link different accounts (eg. your Google account).

How to change my preferred email address?

When you register for a service you may be added to a mailing list for that service. By default this may be the email address associated with your LS ID (e.g. your Gmail address if you registered with Google).

You can change the email address associated with your account, so that emails from the service get sent to a different address. You still log in using the same credentials, but the emails from the service will go to your "preferred email" instead. To set this: Log in to your User profile page, change address in Preferred email field and save it.

Where can I find the list of services integrated into the LS AAI?

The list of services is available here. All services integrated with ELIXIR AAI are available in Life Science Login.

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